Friday, December 21, 2007

What's Your (Pseudo) Super Power?

Back in high school I used to draw my friends as "superheroes" based on what talents, traits, etc. they had. This could range from being skillful at hula-hooping to being able to pop your ankles.
I've decided to bring this idea back and put it to further use. If time permits I'll make a new character design per week, each drawing being a pseudo-superhero based on someone I know. Along with the drawing I'll post a color / texture test I did of the character (I got the idea for this based on designer Teddy Newton's conceptual work for The Incredibles).
This week's design is "Hairmonic"!

Hairmonic is based on a buddy of mine who apparantly can play music on his hair when he strums on its strands. Expanding on this, I thought of a hero who could conduct symphonies to play out of his thick head of hair. For his costume I thought I'd pay homage to the attire of Mozart's era (with artistic license, of course). (NOTE: This is just the color / texture test. I'll post the character design later).

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Color Sketch

This is just a color sketch of some guy I saw walking around under NYC Port Authority (back in July or August, I forgot when).

Sunday, August 26, 2007

This Rabbit's Late for a Very Important Date

OK, so he's not necessarily late for a "very important date"...more like he's just a long-overdue post. Once I get a scanner I'll put these things up much more often! Also, I got to try out using a watermark with a copyright on this image. Cool stuff!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Animated Andy

Since it's been a while since my last post, I think several designs are in order (I've not had access to my old image files until recently, and I'm still without a scanner until the fall). Here are character designs for some of the star roles from the classic program, "The Andy Griffith Show". It was for a class assignment in which I had to pick a show that had never been animated before (to my knowledge it hasn't).

Andy and Opie Taylor

Aunt Bea and Barney Fife

Gomer Pyle

Monday, July 2, 2007

Have you tried Ratatouille yet?

I got to see Pixar's latest film Ratatouille this past weekend. One of their best to date, I'd say! The story was intriguing, and there were definitely moments in the plot that caught me off guard or happened not when I expected them to. The characters were designed well, each one displaying a unique personality (I particularly like the designs of Gusteau, Anton Ego, and Skinner). The animation was a definitely a tour de force; watch especially the facial expressions and movements of Linguine. The attention to detail the artists put into everything else, from the backgrounds to the effects to the props once again proved that Pixar really cares about the craft and appeal behind their work.
Other good things to note were a talented cast of voice actors, great music, and a great animation sequence that ran through the credits (I'm not sure how it was done; cut outs, or in After Effects perhaps). I will say that I need to see the movie again (I would like to see it again) so that I can better assess it, but it is still a wonderful film. Also, before the movie starts viewers are shown (following a company tradition) a new Pixar short film, entitled "Lifted". If you think that humans have it tough with driver's ed, then check this one out!
So in case you haven't treated your movie-watching taste buds yet, go on and try Ratatouille. Oh, and one last warning: I recommend eating before or after the film, because it's bound to make you a little hungry by the end (after all, it is about food; even the title is a dish). Bon app├ętit!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

First image posted--The Holy Trinity

First image posted! This is a depiction of the Holy Trinity I drew a few months back. The idea has been in my mind for some time (a friend of mine pointed out a similar image in a prayer book, so it's possible that I was inspired by it and didn't even realize / remember). I'd like to do a bigger version, painted probably, later on. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Editing the Blog

I'm working on trying to get the right look I want for this blog. It's taking me a bit of time; I have kind of an idea of what I want, but since I don't have access yet to my artwork, a scanner, photoshop, etc., I can't really add much. Once I get those items though I'll get to work. Until then, I may fiddle with the design still and perhaps post some thoughts. . . concerns. . . comments. . . questions. . . popcorn. . . peanuts. . . crackerjacks. . . ellipses. . .

Thursday, June 7, 2007

First Post

Hey everyone!  Welcome to the art blog of Michael K. Ryan.  Here I'll be posting regularly my artwork / what I'm currently up to.  

About the Blog:
The phrase, "Drawing from Life", is commonly spoken in artistic circles.  It refers to the practice of observing one's subject matter in the natural world, and then applying such observations to one's work and techniques.  By understanding life more fully, one can then more accurately depict what they are trying to convey to their audience.  This doesn't mean one shouldn't draw from imagination; rather, it means to constantly study the surrounding world and apply those observations when one does draw using their imagination. . .I believe the two can work in harmony.

The phrase "Drawing from Life" also has religious and philosophical connotations for me personally.  Not only do I literally draw from live subjects at times.  I also draw - rather, seek - my inspiration from the source of all life, God.  He was the first animator, and He is my constant teacher, master, and friend.  I draw too on the experiences of life, from the lives of others, and what can I can learn from them.  As a subheading, I chose the following quote by Mother Teresa: "Let us do something beautiful for God".  I use this phrase because it is my hope that my life's work will be a loving gift for God.

(NOTE: This post has been edited and updated since its first publication date).