Thursday, November 18, 2010

Long Time, No Post!

Wow! Long time, no post it seems. Part of the absence was due to the nature of the work I was involved in, primarily being two currently-in-progress group films. Also, I recently got a job (woo-hoo!) creating character animation at a video game studio, Wayforward Technologies. So one could argue I've been distracted with work more-or-less (though not without lazy periods spent playing quizzes or Super Mario Galaxy 2).

Anyways, I do have some work to post soon. Below is a teaser shot (with fancy letterbox) of a new animation I'm working on, hopefully to be ready for this month's 11 second club competition (check it out here). More to come -- enjoy in the meantime!

(Bishop & Murdock rigs courtesy of; backpack prop courtesy of