Friday, December 21, 2007

What's Your (Pseudo) Super Power?

Back in high school I used to draw my friends as "superheroes" based on what talents, traits, etc. they had. This could range from being skillful at hula-hooping to being able to pop your ankles.
I've decided to bring this idea back and put it to further use. If time permits I'll make a new character design per week, each drawing being a pseudo-superhero based on someone I know. Along with the drawing I'll post a color / texture test I did of the character (I got the idea for this based on designer Teddy Newton's conceptual work for The Incredibles).
This week's design is "Hairmonic"!

Hairmonic is based on a buddy of mine who apparantly can play music on his hair when he strums on its strands. Expanding on this, I thought of a hero who could conduct symphonies to play out of his thick head of hair. For his costume I thought I'd pay homage to the attire of Mozart's era (with artistic license, of course). (NOTE: This is just the color / texture test. I'll post the character design later).

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