Monday, July 2, 2007

Have you tried Ratatouille yet?

I got to see Pixar's latest film Ratatouille this past weekend. One of their best to date, I'd say! The story was intriguing, and there were definitely moments in the plot that caught me off guard or happened not when I expected them to. The characters were designed well, each one displaying a unique personality (I particularly like the designs of Gusteau, Anton Ego, and Skinner). The animation was a definitely a tour de force; watch especially the facial expressions and movements of Linguine. The attention to detail the artists put into everything else, from the backgrounds to the effects to the props once again proved that Pixar really cares about the craft and appeal behind their work.
Other good things to note were a talented cast of voice actors, great music, and a great animation sequence that ran through the credits (I'm not sure how it was done; cut outs, or in After Effects perhaps). I will say that I need to see the movie again (I would like to see it again) so that I can better assess it, but it is still a wonderful film. Also, before the movie starts viewers are shown (following a company tradition) a new Pixar short film, entitled "Lifted". If you think that humans have it tough with driver's ed, then check this one out!
So in case you haven't treated your movie-watching taste buds yet, go on and try Ratatouille. Oh, and one last warning: I recommend eating before or after the film, because it's bound to make you a little hungry by the end (after all, it is about food; even the title is a dish). Bon app├ętit!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike is Mike lol Is the movie as good as the Cars movie?

Karthik said...

Hey Mike,

Saw Ratatouille as well, loved it. The animation was amazing. Have you followed the podcast series available on itunes. The one about how they animated the food is amazing. You should really check it out. Anyway I haven't heard from you in a while and wanted to say hey and ask you to give me a call (Happy Bday btw).

Loved "Lifted" as well, very cute. Have you seen Les Triplettes Des Belleville? A triumph of traditional animation that if you haven't seen, you must. Give me a call soon and I hope you're doing well. Ciao!