Saturday, November 22, 2014

Long Time, No Post!

So I've been neglecting the blog for quite some time… maybe it's time to dust it off?  We'll see.  For now, here's a quick update:

Over the past 3+ years, I've been working with various animation studios, mostly Duncan Studio and Sprite Animation.  Most recently, I was hired at DreamWorks Animation.  I feel very blessed to have worked at each of these places!

Also, below are some samples of my work at DreamWorks.  In each of these, I did a combination of animating and editing mocap data to bring these characters to life.  Enjoy!

"Panda Do's and Panda Don'ts"
(worked on the entire episode)

"Ultimate Slap Fight"
(worked on 0:23 - 0:39)

"Po's Pop Quiz"
(worked on the entire episode)

"Po's Funniest Faces"
(worked on the start - 0:28)

"Awesome New Catchphrase"
(worked on the start - 0:29)

"Shrek's Most Amazing Story"
(worked on 0:41 - 1:10)

"Cat Gets the Hiccups"
(worked on 0:31 - 0:59)