Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Forsooth!" -- Part 1: The Bottomless Chasm

About 4 weeks ago I started my 3rd term at Mentor. It's a great program; it's a blessing to be a part of it! This term students are given the option to pursue what's called an "anijam" -- basically a series of animations that form one continuous idea / story / theme. The idea is that it will allow you to tackle something more production-based rather than just an exercise in motion.

Anywho, for my theme I decided to go with a viking character who is exploring a fortress / dungeon. Along the way he encounters booby traps; each assignment features a different trap. Part 1 is using a rope to swing across a chasm. Part 2 and 3 to come in the following weeks!

(P.S. -- the shot GUI says "Final" on it, but this is not my final version; I've got a lot of polishing to do still).
(P.S.S. -- Oh, and I didn't forget about the dance animation from earlier...in the process of polishing that one too!)

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